Russian farm-style cuisine


Restaurant "At the Mill” (“Na melnitse”) presents the Russian farm-style cuisine. This is the food of landlords, merchants, and prosperous farmers; both tavern and absolutely home food.


The atmosphere takes you away from the megalopolis vanity and immerses you in the tranquility of village with living pheasants and a real wheel of an old water mill which splash is not overlapped by loud music. A variety of elements from the village life: antique millstones, a horse harness in the lobby, a distaff and many other items are situated here. Restaurant is a real museum of the Russian village full of hospitality and delicious food. 


The Russian farm-style cuisine was always famous for its diversity. Simple and at the same time delicious and nourishing soups, porridges, snacks, pickle, meat, mushroom, fish and vegetable dishes would decorate both everyday and festive tables.


The Chief cook of the restaurant have traveled a lot around small district towns and villages while gathering together a quintessence of the farm-style cuisine spirit, finding interesting receipts and missed cooking methods.


Sausages and other delicious specialties are cooked in the "Melnitsa” using the special method,  tomatoes that prepared with own pickling technique are amazing. For example, the really tender jerked meat is firstly marinated in cognac and tarragon with five kinds of pepper. The menu of the restaurant contains both Siberian meat dumplings (pelmeni) and peasant curd dumplings. The scrumptious duck sticks with buckwheat porridge and boletus, sterlet and sturgeon are dished up here.  You can also enjoy black caviar here, or have a good dinner with Ukrainian borsch with fritters (pampushkas). We especially recommend you the apple napoleon for dessert cooked to the family receipt of Mikhail Gokhner's mother.


Also, we have to mention our home made liqueurs on the base of different herbs and berries which are our restaurants pride!


The owner of the restaurant - Mikhail Gokhner believes that the basis of the taste in a Russian restaurant is an observance of traditions and use of fresh village or farm products.


The traditional Olivie salad with veal comprises village eggs,  borsch and pelmeni are accompanied with village sour cream. Splendid milk mushrooms are pickled by an old woman from the vicinity of Vladimir. The char-grilled chickens come from a farm and are fed with grains.  Duck and veal are also brought from neighboring households which have been visited by the Chief cook herself.


One of the favorite partners to take fresh and quality products is FERMA company


The restaurant “Na melnitse" is older than 10 years, and it is a Moscow historical place of attract which is as interesting to be visited as the Kremlin or the Bolshoi Theatre.

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