История "На мельнице"
Every street is filled with history at Krasnye Vorota. Many architectural masterpieces of merchant Moscow of the 19th century remained here untouched. And it was here where 1999 our restaurant "Na Melnitse" was opened. That is the place where the past and the present meet. Traditional Russian cuisine is truly unique in our restaurant: we have reinterpreted old recipes from the point of the modern life and chosen each ingredient with pinpoint accuracy. Here rather than elsewhere you will be able to enjoy dishes of Russian cuisine that become exquisite thanks to the unique recipes of our Chef. Each area of the restaurant "Na Melnitse" is filled with comfort, you feel it as soon as you enter. Calm, relaxing atmosphere, attention and tactfulness of our staff – everything here was designed for your comfort. Welcome to the restaurant "Na Melnitse"!
Традиции русской кухни
Russian cuisine extends back over 10 centuries. During that time it took over all the best not only from each of the eras, but also from all people living in Russia. Especially famous at all the times was the Moscow cuisine, which popularity is largely owed to the merchants. They are the people, who brought to Moscow the most interesting and unusual things. The Menu of the restaurant "Na Melnitse" is our pride. We keep the best traditions of the Moscow feasts and collect the best recipes from gastronomic expeditions to small villages and towns. But the most important is that we are rethinking Russian cuisine, surprising you with so familiar and dainty dishes.
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