Traditions of the restaurant

The restaurant "Na Melnitse" was opened in the heart of Moscow in 1999. 15 years long the team of the restaurant’s chefs was adding dished to the menu, the recipes of which were collected during gastronomic expeditions to Russian villages and small towns. It was there where the cooks of Russia’s capital were told in secret how to ferment the most delicious cabbage, to cook the clearest jam and to sculpt the finest dumplings.

Every guest will find his favorite dish in the menu: aspic and stuffed fish, quail and duck, dumplings and pierogis and of course self-made pickles. In "Na Melnitse" you will find the best pancakes during the Butter Week (also known as Maslenitsa) and Easter cakes for Easter.

Only farm products
We create for you best dishes from ingredients grown and harvested with love and care on the farms of Russia. "Best ingredients are the key of creating beautiful, original and delicious dishes. Food should be cooked skillfully and its ingredients are self-evidently."