Farm duck and piglet
Christmas meal: farm duck and piglet

 In the restaurant "At the Mill" you can order special dishes for a large company. Our bestsellers: baked duck and stuffed piglet. Farm duck starts with potatoes and bacon, baked in the oven and served with vegetables. The weight of the dish is 3-4 kilograms, we look forward to a company of 4-5 people. The cost of the dish: 4500 rubles.

For the piglet, the chef prepares the marinade with the addition of vodka, stuffs with buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and bakes in the oven. We have piglets weighing from three to six kilograms, we count on companies from 5 to 10 people. Cost: 3600 rubles per 1 kg of piglet.

Dishes for the company must be ordered three days before the celebration date, from December 15 to January 14. Then, exactly on the appointed day, you can pick up a box of a spectacular hot dish from the restaurant.

In addition to large dishes for the company, we can prepare salads, aspic, jellied meat, our signature pies and other holiday treats at the restaurant menu prices. We will pack everything and prepare for the appointed date. It remains only to set the table and enjoy the holiday.