Main hall
Having booked a table in the main hall of the restaurant "Na Melnitse" you will find yourself in two time periods. Outside the window – the 21st century and the Moscow’s frantic pace of life. And inside, where you will be – the beginning of the 20th century, a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, a perfect place to enjoy your lunch or dinner. This unusual combination will help you to break away from reality and to feel a bit like a philosopher. You can invite your friends to share this extraordinary journey through time – the main hall is able to accommodate 12 to 16 visitors.
"Na Melnitse" has its own veranda for grilled dishes fans. Here you can watch the masterful work of the grill-master, in whose hands a piece of meat turns into a culinary masterpiece. He is a real expert who is perfectly versed in all that is connected with meat. He knows many secrets that make the process of cooking fascinate even the most demanding customer. The veranda recreates the atmosphere of a merchant home whose old mirrors reflect the peaceful life of the restaurant "Na Melnitse".
Small balcony
The small balcony is a perfect place to hold a confidential meeting, or just to relax from noisy group of people. A small, cozy space above the water wheel is perfect hidden from prying eyes. And the noise of water falling from the wheel creates a soothing atmosphere and keeps all your conversations private.
Large balcony
You like to observe people from side? If it’s so, the large balcony of our restaurant is a perfect place for a small group of six people. Here you will find a nice view of the whole restaurant turning it into a kind of theater. There are busy waiters receiving an order. And there the restaurant's guests and their companions. You hear the bell - another guest came to enjoy delicious dishes. The big balcony allows you to be apart and at the same time to be a member of everything that happens in the restaurant.
VIP Lounge
The restaurant "Na Melnitse" allows you to organize at the highest level a banquet for 25 people. For such events we have a hut – a completely separate room in which you and your guests will not be disturbed. The hut has its own waiters that are there only for your event and provide the highest level of service. According to the name of that hall, the interior there is in a Russian hut style, where all the items are made of wood and are decorated with leather.